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Professor Sherman Clark: The Best of the Achaeans? Patroclus in the Iliad

When scholars talk about Patroclus, they usually focus on his relationship with Achilles. But Patroclus is more than a sidekick and source of motivation. In fact, he is often called “the best of the Achaeans.” But what could that possibly mean? Patroclus is not the strongest, richest, or most powerful—those being common components of Homeric excellence. So, in what sense is he the best? In this lecture we will take a good look at Patroclus; and we will give him a good listen. And this, I hope, may help us think about what it might mean to be the best, even when you are not the strongest, richest, or most powerful—even in a world where those things can seem to matter most.

Graduate Institute Summer Lectures are held live across both campuses and also live-streamed.

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