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James Carey: Anselm’s Ontological Argument for the Existence of God

Anselm’s argument for the existence of God occupies only a paragraph of the Proslogion. In spite of its brevity, it has proven to be the most intensely contested argument in the history of theology. The argument continues to provoke intelligent defense and intelligent criticism, and to annoy, perplex, and astonish (not infrequently in that order). In my talk, I shall look closely at the logical structure of the argument and its presuppositions. I shall then consider objections that have been raised against the argument, especially those of Kant and Thomas Aquinas, its most perceptive critics.

No prior familiarity with Anselm, Kant, or Thomas Aquinas will be presupposed.

Graduate Institute Summer Lectures are held live across both campuses and also live-streamed.

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