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This event will begin at 5:30pm MT / 7:30pm ET.

The humanities didn't come into their own, didn't become modern, until relatively recently, when scholars began to frame their previously disparate practices and ideals as a unique and unified resource for resolving crises of meaning and value that threatened other cultural or social goods. This new self-understanding of the modern humanities didn’t merely take shape in response to a perceived crisis, it justified itself in terms of crisis.

Permanent Crisis is a work of historical scholarship and conceptual inquiry that shows how claims of crisis have played a crucial role in grounding the idea that the humanities have a special mission and how the very processes that have allowed the modern humanities to flourish and attain social and institutional value—democratization, secularization, institutional rationalization—have also imperiled them. In this talk, Chad Wellmon will offer an overview of Permanent Crisis and suggest why its story offers reasons for hope in what might otherwise seem like the twilight of liberal learning.  Read more about his work at chadwellmon.com

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