Roundtable: "Rewilding the Humanities: Teaching Literature at St. John’s and Deep Springs College”

Friday, October 27, 2023 2:30pm to 3:45pm

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Marsaura Shukla and Sara Stickney, tutors at St. John's College, are presenting a collaboration with Deep Springs College, California.  

What can the wilderness offer this over-technologized generation of students?  We have noticed that our current students struggle with a great deal of fear and anxiety. From worries about climate change and future pandemics, to fears that getting a job after graduation will be challenging, the students in our classrooms sometimes seem to us to be the victims of over-domestication. How can literature help give them access to the wildness that lives both within them and without?

What kinds of texts or techniques are the most helpful for giving students a vivifying sense of wildness? 


Ms. Shukla and Ms. Stickney are speaking as part of:

Wildness and Wilderness

A Symposium Sponsored by the American Literature Association

October 26-28, 2023


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