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60 College Ave, Annapolis MD 21401

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Mitchell Gallery is  proud to host the 2024 Annual SJC Community Art Show, a vibrant display of the boundless creativity of our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends from the Annapolis region.One of the delights of this annual show is how it weaves the diverse interests of our community into a rich tapestry of artistic expression. That said, each year offers new surprises and this year we received a notable influx of portraits. Those here not only serve as historical records or demonstration of artistic skills in capturing likeness, but also delve deeper, offering glimpses into the essence of individuals and the ideas they represent.

The exhibition was curated by Faith Chang (A25) and Maya Wolf (A26), who also facilitated an adjudication process. Their goal was to include at least one artwork by every artist who submitted. In choosing individual artworks they looked for works that resonated with their shared experiences and aspirations. For them, being inclusive and spreading the decision-making across a team were ways to help maintain a connection to the community from which it sprung while respecting each artist's individual journey. 

As you wander through the corridors adorned with these remarkable artworks, we invite you to incorporate them into your daily experience. This environment invites repeat viewing, offering new insights and connections with each encounter. 

The Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Museum would like to thank the following: all the artists, Michael Bouyoucas, Faith Chang, Abigail Pritchard, Wylie Robbins Thorne Thompson, and Maya Wolfe.

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