Wednesday, October 5

Intramural Ultimate: Olympians at Geometers.

Wed, Oct 5, 2022 3:45pm to 5pm

This is the OG match: the all-hallowed O-lympians take on the G-eometers on their own home turf. There’s a 2 in 3 chance you are on one of these two teams and there is about a 99 in 100 chance that...

SAC Field, Soccer Field

Saturday, October 8

Intramural Soccer: Hustlers at Olympians.

Sat, Oct 8, 2022 2pm

Nothing like a little soccer to start a Saturday right. What’s that? Oh, you don’t sleep in until 1 pm tired from the rigor of the week? Well get this—exercise will make you less tired in general...

SAC Field, Soccer Field

Wednesday, October 12

Intramural Ultimate: Geometers at Hustlers

Wed, Oct 12, 2022 3:45pm

Long weekend is coming up. Make it even longer by getting some of the super-chill ultimate experience before you last day of class. In case you are out of touch with the mainstream media,...

SAC Field, Soccer Field